She’s Mercedes

Making the star sparkle for a female audience.

The Task

For five years now, Mercedes-Benz has been entering into an intensive dialogue with women with the international She’s Mercedes initiative to respond more specifically to their needs and their self-image in the field of mobility and to offer them a contemporary brand experience. Mercedes-Benz commissioned Marti with the conception, planning and implementation for She’s Mercedes events in Switzerland.

The Idea

Marti Events & PR launched an exclusive series of events under the motto “The Holistic Lifestyle Experience”.

The Solution

Events for like-minded, successful, and influential women looking for ways to enrich their lives. An experience to switch off and relax with the aim of finding the best version of yourself. The respective integration of a local and an international speaker that bring personal success stories and tips enable the audience to have an interactive experience.

Client: Mercedes-Benz
Service: Event Production
Units: Events & PR
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Sophia Marti.

Sophia Marti is founder and Managing Director of Marti Engagement Marketing.

She looks forward to a personal conversation with you.

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