Create a crossmedia Package for a trendy shoe.

The Task

GLIDE’N LOCK, GNL for short, is the Swiss shoe brand for urban lifestyle. Exclusive Italian full-grain leather in combination with other breathable materials provides the noble look and the perfect comfort. «Athleisure» is the magic word that stands for the combination of functionality and fashionable design. Thanks to Marti Events & PR, brand awareness and sales reached new heights.

The Idea

The history of the Swiss ETH engineer HG Braunschweiler, who developed a running shoe technology in the 1970s that allowed him to complete his jogging laps without pain after several back and knee surgeries. An inspiring story to create engagement for.

The Solution

Marti Events & PR developed and implemented a comprehensive PR, event and content marketing strategy. Organized side events. Made influencers cooperations and created and produced online campaigns.

Client: GNL AG
Service: Crossmediale Kommunikations Kampagne
Agency: Marti Events & PR
Partnered with: Marti Creative Agency, Marti Online Solutions
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