Crossborders AG

Accompany Crossborders crossmedial.

The Task

Crossborders AG is a private company offering a wide range of independent advisory services to private and corporate clients moving to Switzerland, as well as to local real estate owners who need a trusted partner. The moving of offices for crossborders set the starting signal for a new image. New CI / CD, new website and giveaways – was the task for Marti Events & PR.

The Idea

Marti Events & PR commissions Marti Creative Agency for a new CI / CD and the design of a new signage and Marti Online Solutions for the conception and creation of a new website. Marti Events & PR provided support through comprehensive consulting services and insightful inputs.

The Solution

The modern appearance, a purifying look, the use of trendy colors gives crossborders a uniform look that suits the company. On and offline. A giant logo adorns a wall in the new offices. Give-aways delighted existing and new customers. Marti Engagement Marketing coordinated all these elements for crossborders.

Client: Crossborders AG
Service: CI/CD, Signaletik, Website, Give-aways
Agency: Marti Events & PR
Partnered with: Marti Creative Agency, Marti Online Solutions, Artis
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